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Japan's iconic traditional spicy fermented chili paste かんずり


Made In:JapanUnit Qty:40 g


Prefecture: Niigata 
Producer: Kanzuri
Ingredients: Chili pepper (domestic), koji (rice malt), yuzu citrus peel, salt
Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free
Size: 40g 
Storage: Refrigerate after opening.

Kanzuri is a traditional spicy fermented chili paste that has been made exclusively in Myoko City in the snowy prefecture of Niigata for generations. This artisanal paste is so special as only the Kanzuri family company can manufacture and sell it (it’s even difficult to find in Japan outside of Niigata!).

Although the ingredients are similar to another spicy Japanese paste known as yuzu kosho, kanzuri is richer in flavor and umami, less salty and a touch sweeter and spicier. To make kanzuri, domestic red chili peppers are harvested in summer, then marinated in salt for about two months until autumn. Although 80% of chili peppers sold in Japan are imported, Kanzuri exclusively uses chili peppers grown in Niigata. The peppers are left in the snow for 3-4 days to remove any excess bitterness and saltiness, while increasing the natural sweetness. They are then chopped up into tiny pieces and mixed with the sweet tart rind of Japan’s beloved citrus fruit, yuzu, the umami-inducing fermentation microorganism of koji (rice malt) and salt. It is finally aged for at least three years (compared to most yuzu kosho which typically isn’t aged and therefore has a stronger citrus flavor) to draw out all the luxurious flavors and spice.

Suggested uses: Use instead of hot sauce for such things as sashimi, grilled meat, fish, hot pot, stews, ramen, fried food, with vegetable sticks, or mixed with grated daikon (known as daikon oroshi) to make momiji oroshi, which can then be used similarly (try it on cold tofu or mixed with natto!).

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