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Kinako Mochi Soft Candy 145 g



Made In:JapanUnit Qty:145 g
Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


A Traditionally tasty Japanese treat! Are you ready to try a soft and chewy candy that's wrapped in a unique and traditional way?

Introducing Kinako Mochi Soft Candy, wrapped in an oblate, a thin and edible paper made from wheat starch that's commonly used in Japanese sweets. 

This delightful candy is made with premium kinako powder, a roasted soybean flour that's commonly used in traditional Japanese desserts. 

Each bite delivers a rich and nutty flavor that's perfectly balanced by the soft and chewy texture of the mochi candy, all encased in an oblate for a truly authentic experience.

This items is wrapped in oblate, a traditional edible Japanese technique used to wrap candies and sweets. 

The oblate provides a unique texture and adds to the overall experience of the treat!

Note: Each piece of mochi is individually wrapped with oblate and white powdered starch to prevent sticking. 

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