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Kobayashi Itchy Relief Cream 30 g



Made In:JapanUnit Qty:30 gBrand:Kobayashi


Itching, irritated skin, eczema, insect bites, dermatitis, hives, prickly heat, erosions, chilblains Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area several times a day. (1) Children can use this product only under the direction and supervision of their parent or a responsible adult. (2) Avoid contact with the eyes. If this product gets into the eye, immediately wash the eye with cold or lukewarm water. If the symptom is severe, consult an ophthalmologist. (3) For external use only. (4) Avoid use of this product on the same area in combination with other external preparations. (5) Do not use this product while the affected area and around the area are dirty

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