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LET'S UP HIP UP TIGHTS 110D Description

Dr. Miz Let's UP Hip Up Tights 110D

let's up hip stovepipe section: Thin section hip stovepipe legs
(For ladies help build a better hip legs)

South Korea's top Academy of Sciences study, exclusive brand DR.Miz, award-winning hip slimming pants to keep warm! South Korea's most popular hip stovepipe legs leggings correction, using special materials, without adding velvet, self-heating, we can achieve thermal effect.
           This is the spike Korean fashion magazines so legendary home of countless advocates, while warm leg stovepipe effect, this artifact stovepipe socks not the kind of so-called domestic 3D4D socks, not ordinary stovepipe socks mandatory oppression by the leg, causing leg nerves and reach up seemingly transient visual stovepipe effect stovepipe socks that will only hurt the legs, causing the wearer a kind of pressure.
          This is a wholly owned exclusive material hip stovepipe pants, put on after ten days, you can measure the circumference of your hips and legs, even more amazing is that this particularly easy to wear, will heat itself can burn fat, South Korea has hot to the extreme.
            This patent ace stovepipe socks to solve all the troubles, to keep warm, thin, hip-step effect, pro, do not act, the N Korea MM manpower, long-term wear, can also lead to improvements in the legs.

1, the socks will not light. The socks are black matte, bright fabric is not cheap.
2, socks moderate thickness, the thickness of ordinary Qiuku.
3, super warm socks, nanotechnology, self-heating.
4, can eliminate excess fat legs in a short time, and can be corrected with mild X, O-type legs, so slender legs straight.

Made in Korea