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Midori Japan Index Label 1 count

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Made In:JapanUnit Qty:1 countBrand:MIDORI


Midori Japan Index Label 

Made in Japan 


Organize your notebook neatly! A glimpse of the index



With ordinary index labels, the index protrudes from the notebook or diary and may become damaged while in use. The new index "Chiratto INDEX" solves this problem. When you put it on the edge of a page, it will not stick out, but it will fit inside a notebook with a cover (2.5mm). This item is recommended for those who want to carry around their notebooks in a clean and smart way.



The releasable seal makes it easy to reapply and move pages. The adhesive side is a translucent seal that allows you to see through the text underneath, so you can stick it without hiding the content.




Two sheets in each of 24 colors for easy categorization of projects. It can be used in a variety of ways and is ideal for detailed sorting.


Please take out only the handle part and insert it. When writing on the index, use an oil-based ballpoint pen, pencil, or oil-based sign pen. Water-based pens are not suitable.


サイズ パッケージ/H180×W78×D1mm
内容 24色×2シート(計48枚)入
素材 PETフィルム製
ご使用にあたって ○記入する場合は水性ペンのご使用は避け、鉛筆・油性ボールペン・油性サインペンをご使用ください。

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