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Mole Teloloapan Red Mole 17.6 oz

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Made In:MexicoUnit Qty:17.6 ozBrand:Teloloapan
Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


Ingredients: Dried red peppers, sugar, bread, cocoa, vegetable shortening, pumpkin seed, raisins, cinnamon powder, peanuts, and caramel color.

Pronounced "Mo-leh," it comes from the Aztec word for "sauce" or "mulli." This teloloapan mole comes from a small village, Teloloapan, near Mexico City known for homemade moles and mole factories. Mole is sauce royalty in Mexico, and a flavor you'll never forget. Dissolve this red mole paste, layered with flavors of chocolate, spices, and chili peppers, in a pot with turkey or chicken broth. It can take days to prepare. Or you could just buy this container. 

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