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Pigeon Food education recipe R12 Chinese boiled tuna and green soybeans 80g 1 each

Cover bibimbap baby complementary food healthy without addition


Made In:JapanUnit Qty:1 each


Brand: Pigeon

Name: Baby Chinese wind tuna boiled edamame

Origin: Japan

Specification: 80g

Allergens: Contains sesame, soy, chicken

Applicable age: 12M+

Product Introduction:

• Nutrition managers scientific collocation, that is, nutritious and delicious

• Intimate with nutritional radar map, see the nutritional balance

• Size and firmness of cooking ingredients according to the development of chewing power of infants around 12 months of age

• Soft and smooth, sesame aroma, make the baby more appetising

How to use:

1. Serve directly into a bowl

2. When heating with hot water, please do not open the bag seal, heat in boiling hot water for 1~2 minutes, then remove and cut and serve

3. When heating in the microwave, be sure to cut and pour into a microwavable container. After heating, gently stir before serving

Storage method:

Avoid direct sunlight

Warm reminder:

• This product sometimes looks cloudy, it is not a quality problem, please rest assured

• No colorants, spices and preservatives, and no wheat-containing soy sauce

• This product is suitable for infant standards



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