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Preserved Salted Kumquats 8 oz

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Preserved Salted Kumquats 8 oz 8 fl.oz
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Made In:TaiwanUnit Qty:8 fl.oz
Dietary Needs:
VeganVegetarianLow FatTrans Fat-FreeFat-Free

Ingredients: fresh fruit, table salt, white sugar

Note: This product is not recommended for children younger than five years old

Storage conditions: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

The kumquat is salty and sweet, the meat is refreshing with a citrus aftertaste.  Kumquats can help with relieving coughs and phlegm.

Medicinal effects:

  • Sore throat: about 5 pieces of salted kumquat brewed with hot boiled water, drinking six cups a day can relieve chronic pharyngitis.
  • Cough: Take a few salted kumquats when you cough, or soak in hot water. It can help clear away heat, relieve coughing and eliminate phlegm.