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Spicy Tofu soup with thick vermicelli 340g/box (Best Before Date: 06/27/24) 340 g

Boiled spicy soup, tofu is juicy and flavorful|Vermicelli is crystal clear, smooth and tasty|Five pu


Made In:TaiwanUnit Qty:340 gBrand:Sunright


Taiwan Classic Spicy Tofu Vermicelli|Boiling spicy soup, tofu is juicy and flavorful|Vermicelli is crystal clear, smooth, and delicious|Five spices, spicy and fresh aroma|Package for two people is very satisfying.

Main Characteristics

Must Eat Street Food in Taiwan  


Spicy tofu has always been a daily food for Taiwanese people, and it is also a must-eat food for travelers visiting Taiwan. Unlike ordinary noodles, we use low GI winter noodle instead of noodles, and the winter noodle is paired with spicy tofu, which provides consumers with healthier options and makes it easy for them to prepare a delicious meal.
We hope to promote Taiwan's cuisine to the corners of the world, food has no boundaries, and use food to communicate and connect people, we invite you to taste this delicious dish with us.  

Specialty 1  

Selected tofu, stewed to make the tofu soak up the spicy soup, not to be missed by those who like spicy flavors.
Stored at room temperature and sterilized by high temperature and pressure, it can be stored for 18 months without preservatives, which makes you feel more at ease!

The soup is boiled with Chinese sauces such as pepper and spicy oil, which is rich and fragrant without being salty and greasy, giving you the best flavor to enjoy.

Feature 2  

Winter Vermicelli is frozen with multi-temperature freezing technology, which makes the taste more elastic and absorbs the soup.

Each box is packed for two persons, making it more delicious to share!
10-minute reproduction of a classic flavorful dish.


Nissho Dragon Chef Spicy Tofu Noodles


Seasoning: water, tofu (soybean), hot and spicy sauce (garlic, cloves, sugar, cinnamon, cumin, angelica, black pepper, sambal, peppercorns, chuanxiong, star anise, jade bamboo, five spices (cinnamon, tangerine peel, cumin, star anise, peppercorns), chili pepper, sesame oil (soybean oil, sesame seed oil), chili oil), soy sauce (water, defatted soybeans (not genetically modified), salt, wheat, converted liquid sugar (sucrose, water), Alcohol, Flavorings (Amino Acetic Acid, Disodium 5'-Hypoxanthine Nucleoside Phosphate, Disodium 5'-Guanine Nucleoside Phosphate)), White Sesame Seed Paste (White Sesame Seeds, Soybean Oil), Red Onion Oil (Soybean Oil, Red Onion Tips), Chili Peppers, Salt, Sugar, MSG, Vegetable Hydrolyzed Proteins (Soybeans, Rapeseed Oil), Star Anise Powder, Five Spice Powder (Cumin, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Clove, Caraway, Pericarpium Tranquillo, Silicon Dioxide), Pepper Powder chili powder, black pepper powder, white pepper powder

Flour: potato starch, tapioca starch, corn starch, pea starch, water
Net weight: 680g (24.0oz) [300g of seasoning packet (120g of solids), 40g of flour] × 2



Soak the flour in water until soft and cut into pieces, then drain.
Cut open the packet and put it into a pot, then add 200c.c. water and flour. Add 200c.c. of water and the powder, cook for 3~5 minutes and serve.
You can add vegetables or other ingredients according to your preference.


The seasoning pack can be used as hot pot soup base after diluted. The above amount of water is for reference, you can increase or decrease the amount of water according to your personal preference.

Shelf life: 18 months at room temperature, unopened.
Expiry date: marked on the carton.
The expiration date is labeled on the carton of the product.
The company has taken out product liability insurance
Country of origin: Taiwan

Allergen Information: This product contains soy, gluten and grain products and is not suitable for people with allergies.
Please note! Do not store in direct sunlight or in a humid place (consume as soon as possible after opening) to prevent spoilage.

Note: Please do not use this product if it has sunlight or humidity.
1. It is normal for this product to have precipitates, please feel free to use it.
2. This product is packaged in aluminum foil and cannot be directly microwaved.

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