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TOKYO MILK CHEESE FACTORY Salt&Camembert Cheese Cookie 20 pcs 1 box

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Made In:JapanUnit Qty:1 boxBrand:Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
Milk,Eggs,Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


This product is a snack within 200 days from the date of delivery (best taste period). If you mind, please decide carefully.



Semi-chocolate(lactose, vegetable oil, cheese powder, cacao butter, skimmed powder milk)(made in Japan), flour, sugar, margarine, milk, egg, skimmed powder milk, vegetable oil, salt, emulsifier, expansion agent, flavoring, carotenoid coloring


Nutritions(every 1 piece):

Calorie 59kcal, protein 0.8g, fat 3.5g, carbohydrate 6.1g, salt 0.1g


Storage: storage at someplace could avoid direct sunlight and high-tempreature moisture enviroment.

Manufacturer: SUCREY CO.,LTD. Tokyo-To Minato-Ku Kitaaoyama1-2-7

Please eat quickly after open the package.



This is the product produced by a craftsman who want to use high quality camembert cheese to make baked snacks. It used strictly selected material including milk and granulated sugar, salt from Guerande area in France. 

This Guerande salt has variety of mineral component and suitable for making baked snacks. It could extract the special smell and frangrance of camembert cheese.

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