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TORAYA Yoru No Ume Night's Plums Kokura Red Bean Yokan 330g 1 pc 1 count


Made In:JapanUnit Qty:1 count


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The products sold by WOO JAPAN are all purchased in Japan and sent directly from Tokyo to customers to meet the needs of high-end customers who pursue 100% pure quality assurance sold in Japan.

Every piece of your beloved product will be carefully packaged and sent from Tokyo as soon as possible. The average time for DHL worldwide express from Tokyo to the United States is about 5 days, and you can tracking the parcel number within 24-48 hours after we shipped the package.

It is not easy for the goods to travel long distances. Please try to arrange to sign in person with the DHL delivery personnel to avoid the possibility of losing the package caused by direct drop off without a signature. Occasionally, the transportation time delay or product inspection caused by the random inspection by the US customs The loss will be borne by our merchant, but the customer needs to provide evidence of customs random inspection. If there is a situation where customs duties need to be paid after the random inspection, the risk must be borne by the buyer.

This product is a snack within 200 days from the date of delivery (best taste period). If you mind, please decide carefully.



Sugar(made in Japan), red bean, agar


Nutritions(every 1 piece):

Calorie 296kcal, protein 4g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 70g, salt 0g


Storage: storage at someplace could avoid direct sunlight and high tempreture moisture enviroment.

Manufacturer: TORAYA CO.,LTD. Tokyo-To Minato-Ku Akazaka 4-9-22

Manufactured address: TORAYA CO.,LTD. Shizuoka-Ken Gotenba-Shi Inno 1581

Please seal the incision after open the package and eat quickly.


The Yono No Ume(Night Plum) is a variety of Youkan(gelled sweet bean paste cake) from TORAYA's signature series. Made only with red beans, sugar and agar, it was so named as when sliced, the visible beans evoke the glimmer of white plum blossoms in the dark night sky.


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