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Wild Argentine Red Shrimp, Peeled and Deveined 16-30ct, Frozen 1 lb

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Made In:ArgentinaUnit Qty:1 lb
Dietary Needs:
Sugar FreeLow FatTrans Fat-Free


Argentine red shrimp has high nutritional value. The shrimp is rich in iodine, DHA, and also rich in minerals and calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and other elements. The shrimp shell is thin and the meat is uniform, and the human body can easily absorb it. The protein it contains accounts for 16 -20%, shrimp contains astaxanthin, which is necessary for human body, and contains omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid that is easy for human body to absorb. It is an excellent source of protein and can enhance human immunity. Wild caught Argentine red shrimp, peeled and gutted. Great for grilling, frying and steaming.

Size: 16-30ct

Scientific name: Pleoticus Muelleri

Ingredients: Argentine red shrimp, sodium metabisulfite (color retention)

Catch area: Southwest Atlantic (FAO41)

Storage method: -18℃ cryopreservation.

How to eat:

Argentine boat frozen red prawns (cleaned) can be cooked in different ways according to your taste, which can be steamed, braised, charcoal grilled, salt and pepper, etc., or hot pot, soup.


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