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YOKU MOKU Set Delice Egg Rolls And Cookies Assortment 66 pcs 1 can


Made In:JapanUnit Qty:1 canBrand:Yoku Moku
Milk,Eggs,Wheat (Gluten),Soy,Almond.
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Cigar Egg Roll:

Butter, sugar, liquid egg white, flour, almond powder, flavoring


Cigar Au Chocolat:

Butter, sugar, chocolate, liquid egg white, flour, almond powder, flavoring, emulsifier


Cigar Au Tea:

Butter, sugar, black tea powder, liquid egg white, flour, almond powder, flavoring, emulsifier


Double Chocolat A Le(Spring&Summer):

Chocolate, butter, sugar, liquid egg white, flour, cacao butter, emulsifier, flavoring


Double Chocolat Blanc(Spring&Summer):

Chocolate, butter, sugar, liquid egg white, flour, cacao butter, smulsifier, flavoring


Billet Amandes(Spring&Summer):

Butter, sugar, liquid egg white, flour, almond, flavoring


Bateau De Macadamia(Spring&Summer):

Butter, flour, macadamia, chocolate, sugar, liquid egg white, milk, cacao butter, flavoring, emulsifier


Bateau De Macadamia(Autumn&Einter):

Butter, flour, macadamia, chocolate, sugar, liquid egg, cocentrated milk, cacao butter, flavoring, emulsifier


Nutritions(every 1 piece):

Cigar Egg Roll:

Calorie 58 kcal, protein 0.7g, fat 3.6g, carbohydrate 5.7g, salt 0.05g


Cigar Au Cocolat:

Calorie 86 kcal, protein 1g, fat 5.2g, carbohydrate 8.9g, salt 0.07g


Cigar Au Tea:

Calorie 58 kcal, protein 0.6g, fat 3.6g, carbohydrate 5.8g, salt 0.04g


Double Chocolat A Le(Spring&Summer):

Calorie 39 kcal, protein 0.5g, fat 2.4g, carbohydrate 4.0g, salt 0.03g


Double Chocolat Blanc(Spring&Summer):

Calorie 39 kcal, protein 0.5g, fat 2.5g, carbohydrate 3.8g, salt 0.02g


Billet Amandes(Spring&Summer):

Calorie 28 kcal, protein 0.4g, fat 1.8g, carbohydrate 2.6g, salt 0.02g


Bateau De Macadamia(Spring&Summer):

Calorie 56 kcal, protein 0.6g, fat 3.9g, carbohydrate 4.5g, salt 0.03g


Bateau De Macadamia(Autumn&Einter):

Calorie 67 kcal, protein 0.8g, fat 5.0g, carbohydrate 4.6g, salt 0.02g



Cigar Egg Roll: 4 pcs

Cigar Au Chocolat: 4 pcs

Cigar Au Tea: 4 pcs

Double Chocolat A Le(Spring&Summer): 14 pcs

Double Chocolat Blanc(Spring&Summer): 14 pcs

Billet Amandes(Spring&Summer): 16 pcs

Bateau De Macadamia: 10 pcs


Storage: Storage at someplace could avoid direct sunlight and high-tempreature moisture enviroment.

Maker: YOKU MOKU CO.,LTD. Tokyo-To Minato-Ku Minamiaoyama5-3-3

This product 's contains will change with season.


This is a petit and reasonable cookie&egg roll gift box. A perfect selection for family, friends or lover's present and also suitable enjoy it own on your freetime. The rich butter taste of cookie and the crispy felling are YOKU MOKU's most famous and delicious feature.


The well designed cookies are putted in to perfect size of iron box and has both outline and inside. It will definitely bring people joy and preasure.


Cigar Egg Roll:

Baked to small shape to make it easy to eat. The biscuit dough used plenty of butter made in Hokkaido which brings it special taste.


Cigar Au Chocolat:

Add YOKU MOKU's special made chocolate in original cigar egg roll. Please enjoy the frangrance and taste of chocolate 


Cigay Au Tea:

Add darjeeling and Earl Grey black tea in original cigar egg roll. You could feel the harmony of black tea and rich butter cookie dough.


Double Chocolat A Le(Spring&Summer):

Baked crispy with YOKU MOKU's special made milk chocolate. The chocolate has reached a great balance of cocoa's rich smell and milk's taste. It also has lots of butter component.


Double Chocolat Blanc(Spring&Summer):

Baked crispy with YOKU MOKU's special made milk chocolate. The feature of this cookie is it is a little bit of sweet but not too much and refreshing after taste.


Billet Amandes(Spring&Summer):

Add some thin-sliced almond to cookie dough baked with plenty of butter. It's a very simple product but taste good.


Bateau De Macadamia(Spring&Summer):

The cookie dough used sable cookie and added with macadamia and milk. You could feel the special harmony of the two types of component.


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