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Zheng Shan Tang Lin Fei Ying 2017 Shou Mei Fuding Aged White Tea Pressed Cake 357 g



Made In:Mainland ChinaUnit Qty:357 g


In China, there is a word that describes white tea: 1 Year made Tea, 3 Years made medicine. 7 Years made treasure.  

1 Year Tea?
White tea is slightly fermented tea, the first-year white tea that just came out is almost the essence of green tea.

3 Year Tea?
Different from other tea, during storage, the internal components of the tea slowly change, the aroma turns to age, tea soup gradually changes from apricot green to apricot yellow or darker. When drinking, the aroma becomes mellow, the taste gradually softens, and the feature of the tea changes from cold to warm.

7 Year Treasure?
The aging of the white tea content becomes more and more mellow, unique fragrance of the white tea coexists with the aging fragrance. Let the taste fragrant, and soup amber, red, and transparent. 

Product: Lin Feiying Old Craft White Tea Cake-Shou Mei
Lin Feiying-Sub Brand of Zheng Shan Tang, National Review senior tea master
Each Cake Can Brew about 70-80 Cups
Origin: Fuding County, Ningde City, Fujian Province

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