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Let's Go on a Treasure Hunt


Are you excited for another week of imports from Japan?

I heard that this week's products are going to be sensational!

Let's check out these treasures and gems together, shall we?


Morinaga Pancake Mix

Make fluffy Japanese-style pancakes at the comfort of your own home

Add 100ml of milk with flour, mix well, then fry the pancake batter on low heat -- viola!



Asahi Tablet Candy, Mint

Fresh breath, every time

Convenient & can be packed in your car, backpack, or purse



Hatada Naruto Kintoki Potato

Made from the Naruto Kintoki potato, which is one of the sweetest varieties of Japanese sweet potatoes 



IRIS Japan Kid's Three-Layer Filter Masks

Its special three-layer filter blocks 99% of viral droplets

Also made with two ear-friendly soft cords so you can wear the mask for a long period of time, pain-free



Nitori Japan Magic Butter Case

With this tool, you can now cut the perfect amount of butter (5g) every time!



Iwatani Japan Takoyaki Grill Pan

The non-stick coating prevents food from sticking onto the pan, making it easy for everyone to cook takoyaki!



Kiki's Delivery Service Bamboo Chopsticks

Bamboo chopsticks for kids and adults with beautifully designed handles and non-slip grooves to hold food securely. If you are a fan of Kiki's Delivery Service, these chopsticks are a must-have in your collection



Iwatani Japan Portable Butane Stove

Contains stainless steel windbreakers that protect the flame from wind and air conditioning, making it the perfect stove for camping and indoor/outdoor commercial use

Also has locking levers. Simply push the fuel can onto the magnet and it locks in safely making it virtually impossible to load the fuel can incorrectly!



Nitori Japan Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

Is the water dripping all over the bathroom after you step out of the shower?

This bath mat is for you! 

It absorbs and dries water on the soles of your feet -- plus, there's no need to wash this bath mat (unlike fiber-based bath mats which must be washed every few days)

Just use the sandpaper, which is included with your bath mat, to shave off the surface of the mat if it's no longer absorbing as much water as before




Cogit Make Hips Bagel Cushion

A multi-functional cushion that can be used for long drives or the office

Fold it in half and it could easily become your TV pillow or footrest