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Traditional Braised Style


Swift Boneless Beef Round Heel Muscle, Frozen



Often called Beef Shank, it is a cross-section of the leg cut horizontally. 

It is typically braised to make flavorful, fork-tender dishes.




Beef round heel muscle is the perfect blend of lean, tender meat and tendons. 

Although initially tough, this particular cut tastes exceptionally well when stewed or braised until tender. 

Give it a try the next time you have plans for stewing!




Beef Oxtail Cut, Frozen



Beef oxtail is a popular cut of meat that comes from a cow's tail. 

It is a bony and gelatinous cut known for its rich flavor and tender meat when cooked properly.

Cooking beef oxtail is often braised or slow-cooked to allow the collagen-rich meat to become tender and develop a deep, savory flavor.





Ideal for Hot Pot


The ultimate guide to hot pot at home - meat slices.

Good meat slices are a must, no matter what broth or style you like.




Lamb Slices



Tender, melt-in-your-mouth lamb slices. 

We have all your covered for the best lamb cuts, leg or shoulder!

Get ready for Asian comfort food.



Beef Slices



Perfect for hot pot/Shabu Shabu, how about a Sukiyaki recipe? 

Just imagine dipping these premium beef ribeye slices into a creamy egg yolk. 

Biggest dinner problem solved!




Pork Slices



Pork collar butts are a succulent choice, also known as the cut of the jowl and high shoulder area. 

Enjoy it with your flavor dipping sauce, tender and delicious!





Stir Fry


The secrets behind making the perfect stir fry dishes - premium meats.


Beef Sirloin Sliced



Sirloin sliced refers to thin slices of beef tenderloin cut from beef, usually used for dishes such as stir-fry. 

Sirloin is a tender and flavorful cut of beef that, when sliced thinly along the grain, cooks quickly over high heat, making it a popular choice for stir-fry recipes. 

Slicing the meat against the grain helps ensure the heart stays tender and doesn't become chewy or tough during cooking.




Sliced Pork Loin Strips, Frozen



Finely divided, it restores the original meat fragrance.

It's a perfect size for easy air fryer recipe.

Also ideal for any Asian-style stir fry dish, sweet and sour port tenderloin, honey garlic port tenderloin, and more.




Pork Belly



Pork belly is viral in Filipino, Hispanic, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Korean, and Thai cuisine.

Just imagine the sweet and savory aroma, the tenderness of the meat, and all the deliciousness it can bring to your dinner table.




In Chinese cuisine, pork belly is most often prepared by dicing and slowly braising with skin on, marinating, or being cooked in its entirety.



Korean-style thick sliced pork belly, an extremely popular Korean BBQ dish.

It is also ideal for oven-roasted, air fryer, or stir fry with vegetables.




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