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【Top Picks】Delicious Food That Are Ready In Minutes


Ever want to prepare meal for your family but too busy to cook?

We have complied a list of easy-to-prep and nutritious meals to ensure that you and your family can stay healthy, happy and full

CP Group was founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 1921. Adhering to the vision of "being the kitchen of the world"

Provides healthy and safe food for more than 5 billion people around the world

Master Lee✖️CP Group

Divine instant meals made by two leading companies in the food industry


Fried Rice Series


Spicy Crayfish Fried Rice

Each pack comes with 8 juicy and delicious pieces of crayfish meat
If you enjoy spicy foods, this one is for you



Yangzhou Style Fried Rice

Classic taste of Yangzhou fried rice brought to your home

Freshly prepared and lightly salted



Zucchini & Egg with Fried Rice

A convenient and tasty dish that you can never go wrong with serving every day

Feel free to heat up some meats to take it up a notch



Fried Rice with Sauteed Potato, Green Pepper & Eggplant

Saucy and richly flavored fried rice perfect for days when you need a little pick-me-up

A filling and healthy option for when you are in a rush



Crayfish with Noodles

An excellent source of protein, low in calories, rich in complex carbohydrates, AND delicious

What an envious marriage!



Cooked Rice Ball with Cumin & Squid

Fresh rice and squid wrapped in crispy Japanese laver

Perfect snack for when you are on the go, in your car, or rushing after the bus



Cooked Cod & Seaweed Dumpling

Easy-to-prep dumplings unique to Master Lee

The cod is tender and lightly salted

The seaweed adds an extra layer of flavor

Best steamed with some soy sauce on the side



Vegetable and Meat Dumpling

The result of a collboration by two of the largest food giants in the Chinese and South Korean grocery industry

Strictly controlled quality and taste👍

🥟CJ factory processing (quality control guaranteed)

🥟Made in U.S (passed USDA inspection)

🥟Whole cooked dumplings (convenient for multiple cooking methods)



Each dumpling is already cooked, so all you need to do is to heat it up, either by steaming, boiling, or pan-frying the dumplings

High-quality, tasty, and fresh dumplings -- all can be stored at the comfort of your own fridge



XiangTai Tilapia

A quick, cost-effective and easy fish dish with good taste

Select high-quality tilapia, the fish is fresh and tender

There are two flavors - Pickled Vegetable & Prickly Ash 

(Picture From Weee! Customer)


Fruit Lore Frozen Monthong Durian Seedless

The smell is not that strong and can be accepted even for "durian beginners"

Carefully selected ripening, rapid freezing, to maintain original durian taste

The texture is almost like ice-cream