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Pandesal and Pastries from Christine's Bake Shop!

Do you miss Filipino panaderia (bakery)? Christine's Bake Shop is finally here serving you a taste from home. Step into the heart of Filipino bakeries, nestled in New Jersey. This beloved family-owned bakery has been kneading memories and weaving flavors into their famous authentic ube pastries like hopia, pandesal, and more.

❤️ Delivered fresh, not frozen

☀️ Fresh daily: Made from local bakery and delivered by Weee!


Try out these bestselling flaky ube hopia and tasty ube pandesal! The ube filling is made from mashed and sweetened purple yam, which gives it a distinct, sweet, and earthy flavor, as well as a vibrant purple color. 

A comforting and nostalgic experience by providing a wide range of traditional Filipino baked goods and pastries. Rooted in the essence of family, their delectable creations are not just baked goods, but a slice of cherished moments waiting to be savored. Make sure to grab them all!