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Smooth Like Butter! More Japanese Sweets!❤️️New LeTAO & Love Me Sweet Cheesecake!

Who's excited for some sweet compilation of Japanese desserts <3

They also look as good as they taste~

Make sure to stick around till the end for more snacks, skincare, and household goods! 




Desserts Almost Too Pretty To Eat: 

Missing a little something for Afternoon Tea?

They are here to help with your sweet cravings~ 


🍰Love Me Sweet With Multiple New Flavors Are In~


🍰LeTAO's new look~ 

Double Fromage cake in limited Hokkaido strawberry flavor 🍓🍓

The strawberry scent and sweetness are just right

as it doesn't overpower the taste of the cheesecake~

With little decorations and the birthdaycake is ready!

Look at that baby pink color though 😍😍


Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Milk Cheesecake

Those who have tried their brand's biscuits or ice cream 

already have an idea of how exquisite their cheese flavors are! 

Do you know they also released a cake version of the biscuits? 

This cake came with sweet crêpes surrounding the cake and is served with light cream fillings

It doesn't get any better than that! 


Cheese Flavor  Japanese-Style Baked Sponge Cake 

If LeTAO or the milk cheesecake seems a little too heavy for you,

we have something similar for you!

These Imuraya's cheese-flavored castella cakes are fluffy and moist at the same time

and are presliced for you so they are ready to grab before catching the next bus!

Custard Cream Mini Eclairs

Six mini eclairs covered with rich chocolate coating

with that lush custard cream inside~

Patisserie Fruits Swiss Roll

Another patisserie classic!

They are served with tiny chunks of peaches, kiwis, and strawberries inside,

and some smooth swiss cream to balance the overall flavors!

More Japanese Desserts


Keep Scrolling To Unlock More Japanese Goods~ 

🍘Snacks That Get Devoured Up Too Fast: 


These are all some popular choices 

that has received tons of love by the Weee! community~ 

🧃Beverages To Stay Hydrated:

Vending machines could be found in a lot of places in Japan,

and they come with plenty of options!

Here we summarized some of the beverages that are most commonly seen in those machines 

Japan's Drugstore Beauty Products For You:

It's a fact that visitors love to stop by at drugstores before ending their trip in Japan~ 

A lot of them are super affordable and have received high ratings 👏👏

Shop these Japanese skincare without needing to travel ~

Japanese Households For A Stylish Cleaning Lifestyle:

Multi-functional households selected for you~

They are super practical and cost-effective!