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Mango Madness on Weee!

If you’re Filipino, your all-time favorite fruit is probably mangoes. From desserts like Mango Float to street food like Mangoes with Bagoong, this tropical fruit has become a huge part of Filipino culture. 


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Our Favorite Mangoes 🥭

The Philippine Mango or Manila Mango was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the sweetest variety of mango. No wonder mangoes are hailed as the Philippine National Fruit! Explore all the delicious fresh mangoes, snacks, juices, desserts, and more on Weee! Here are our top picks:


Champagne Mangoes (Manila Mangoes)

Also known as the Ataulfo Mango or Honey Mango, a Champagne Mango was born from the random cross-pollination of mango trees in Mexico. With little fiber and a narrow pit, this tropical fruit royalty slices like soft butter. The taste is very close to those grown in the Philippines! 


Green Mangoes

These Baby Green Mangoes a.k.a. “Manggang Hilaw” from Mexico were picked underdeveloped, giving them a more sour taste and crunchy texture. It is high in Vitamin C and low in sugar. 


Dried and Pickled Mangoes

These dried mangoes are made of real mangoes from Cebu, Philippines which is where the best mangoes grow. So you can expect nothing but the best of the best. It’s made sweet with natural flavors and not full of sugar, so you can snack on mangoes anytime and anywhere. 


Mango Juice

There’s nothing more refreshing than a fruity Mango juice! It helps in digestion, prevents Anemia, strengthens bones, maintains blood pressure levels, and so much more benefits.