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Japan Week With More Japanese Sweets!✨Matcha Collection, LeTAO Bakeries, Itoen~

Who's excited for some sweet compilation of Japanese desserts <3

They also look as good as they taste~

Make sure to stick around till the end for more snacks and matcha goods!

Desserts Almost Too Pretty To Eat: 

Missing a little something for Afternoon Tea?

They are here to help with your sweet cravings~ 


LeTAO Fromage Double Matcha Cheesecake​

Feeling some matcha and cheese? 

Double Fromage cake in limited matcha flavor 🍵

The matcha scent perfectly blends in and it doesn't overpower the taste of the cheesecake~

With little decorations and the birthday cake is ready!😍😍

Goyo Yuzu Cheesecake

Another cheesecake but with citrus tastes this time~

The acidity of the yuzu helps balance out the richness of the cake, making each bite better than the other! 


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Loving These So "Matcha"~ 

The tea culture has played a big role in Japanese culture.

Even today, the tea ceremony is still a really important event in Japan. 

These tea flavors that are incorporated into modern snacks have been so popular among many 

and will only continue to wow those who decided to give matcha a try~ 


Snacks You Don't Get Tired Of: 

Kit Kat Mini, Whole Wheat Biscuits

Kitkat never fails to surprise us with new flavors!

This whole wheat Kitkat was made from wheat entirely 

and are covered with a light coat of sweet chocolate. 


Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Japanese Salt Camembert Cookie

It's always on the must-buy list for souvenirs!

There are ten individually wrapped wafers filled with blended  Hokkaido milk and Guérande salt from France.

That’s fancy for delicious.


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🧃Beverages To Stay Hydrated:

Vending machines could be found in a lot of places in Japan,

and they come with plenty of options!

Here we summarized some of the beverages that are most commonly seen in those machines 

Kimino Yuzu Sparkling Juice (Yuzu)

This the the one to have on the side if you are eating oily food!

It can also be used for cocktails or another beverage mix ~ 


Strawberry Calpico

A little bit of yogurt drink to help with the digestion~ 


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