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【Cook with Weee!】Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner But ✨Make It Japanese✨

Craving Japanese today ?

These meals are super popular on Japanese restaurants' menus,

and today you can bring them to your table by making your version of the dish (:

No experience is needed and the ingredients you need to perfect each meal of the day are prepared for you~


Breakfast 朝ごはん

Something light for you before you start heading out to school or work! 



Whether you like savory or sweet toasties/open-faced sandwiches…Pairing some condiments with some toasts is the best!


Fruit Parfaits

Try creating a super easy and healthy fruit parfait for breakfast! These granola are super yummy!


Breakfast Drinks

You can never go wrong with a nice cup of iced matcha latte! 


Lunch ランチ

Get your proteins in to recharge for the day! 


A Little Lunch Set For You 

Something light for the meal! Steamed eggs, miso soup, and some salmon are the lovely combo to go~ 


Classic Ramen

Who doesn't love a good old bowl of hot soup with rich ramen broth and half-boiled eggs~ 

Follow the instructions on the Marutai package and your some Chashu pork belly and soft boiled egg then sprinkle some seaweed at the end for the complete finished look! 


Oyakodon (Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl ) 🐣

Tips: >> Oyakodon Sauce 🧂

4 spoons of water, 3 spoons of soy sauce, 2 spoons of mirin (sweet cooking rice seasoning), 1 of spoon sugar

By mixing the chicken, oyakodon sauce, and some egg mixture, you get a super filling and nutritious meal! 


Dinner 夕食

Time to get a little "fancy" for the dinner~


Eel with Rice

The glaze on the eel is irresistible! 

These packets are well portioned for you and can be done easily with a microwave or over. Top it off with some white sesame and the dish is complete~ They could be used for sushi rolls! 


Tonkatsu Curry Over Rice 🍛

Enjoy some deep-fried pork cutlet with creamy curry~ 

Make sure to serve the curry last to retain the crispiness of the cutlet~ 


Tempura Sushi Roll 

Craving sushi and tempura? How about both? The finished dish is going to wow the family at the table! 


Some Late Night Comfort Foods

In case you get a little hungry, we got some late night comfort for you~


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