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Cheers to New Japanese Goods

Are you ready for this week's NEW imports from Japan?

From childhood favorites like Qoo Jelly Drink to Japanese street food like takoyaki, we have you covered!

Discover new products today πŸ›’


Maruchan Gold Ramen Noodle Soup





Mizkan Fermented Natto Soybeans




Umaibo Baked Corn Snack



Daiwa Japan Shogun Hammer Lite Massage Gun




Iris Japan Lightweight Cordless Handheld Vacuum





Buydeem 9-in-1 Fully Automatic Programmable Brew Cooker




Zojirushi Brown Indoor Electric Grill



Kyocera Ceramic Coated Insulated Travel Mug




Iwatani Japan Portable Butane Stove Eco Premium





Kyocera 5 Piece Black Universal Block Set With 4 Black Ceramic Knives