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Authentic Asian Flavors✨Dim Sum & Snacks

Do you feel no appetites in Summer?

You should try something new!

The authentic Asian-flavored dim sum and snacks in this collection will stimulate your taste buds immediately. 



Steamed Millet Buns Stuffed With Red Bean Paste

These buns are made of corn millets and yellow millets. 

The buns are fragrant, glutinous, and chewy.

The red paste fillings are slightly sweet and velvety. 


Pancake Stuffed With Brown Sugar

The pancakes are soft and fluffy. 

The brown sugar fillings are rich and flavorful. 

No need to defrost, just pan-fry them to golden color and enjoy. 


✨Steamed Buns With Brown Sugar✨

If you love brown sugar flavor, don't miss these steamed buns. 

They are less sweet than the brown sugar pancake. 

These buns are chewy and soft with a fragrant brown sugar flavor. 



✨Steamed Siu Mai Mushroom and Sticky Rice Dumplings✨

The most authentic Shanghai-style siu mai. 

They are made from high-quality glutinous rice and mushrooms.

Using traditional craftsmanship and they are made with ingenuity. 

They are soft and glutinous, delicious and nutritious. 


✨Steamed Mushroom and Bok Choy Vegetable Buns✨

These vegetable buns are super delicious and savory.

The fillings are made from fresh mushrooms and bok choy.

The buns are soft and full. 


✨Scallop With Mashed Garlic and Vermicelli✨

Select high-quality scallops that are plump and tender.

After heating, the vermicelli quickly absorbs the umami of the scallop juice. 

Eat the scallop together with the vermicelli, which is super delicious. 


✨Sunflower Seeds✨

If you are not in the mood for chips but want something crispy and flavorful. 

Try these sunflower seeds with different flavors.

Each seed is full and fresh. 

Each bite is crunchy and enjoyable.