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Celebrate Filipino Food Month

What’s the best way to celebrate our Filipino roots? If you ask us it’s through FOOD! It’s very important to celebrate our food culture as a form of art and as part of our lives. The beauty of Filipino food is that it always feels like a fiesta – always meant to be shared! 

Celebrate Filipino Food Month with us this April and appreciate, preserve, promote, and ensure the passing on of the many Filipino culinary traditions and treasures to future generations. “Pagkaing Pilipino: Susi sa Pag-unlad at Pagbabago” is this year’s theme!


Filipino Recipe #1 - Kare Kare

This Filipino stew is known for its super rich, thick, and crunchy flavors coming from the peanut sauce

The stew also comes with generous amount of ingredients like oxtails, eggplants, bokchoy,

making it the best dish to eat with a hot bowl of steamed rice! 

Click the image for more detailed description and recipe (: 

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Filipino Recipe #2- Classic Adobo 

Recipe Here

The recipe is novice-friendly since the ingredients are not too complicated

The dish looks simple but there are multiple depths of flavors coming from the sauce~

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Recipe #3 Maruya (Banana Fritters)

Recipe Here

These fried banana fritters could be eaten anytime, whether it's breakfast or afternoon snacks

the creaminess of the riped banana filling and the crunchy pastry on the outside work so well together! 

The bananas could be mushed or sliced based on your preferences πŸŒπŸŒ

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