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Fresh, sweet, and juicy grapes ✨ enjoy up to 25% in season offer


The end of summer marks the beginning of the grape season! Grapes are an excellent source of vitamin C, antioxidants, and potassium, and they are delicious and a perfect snack for a hot afternoon or a healthy dessert after dinner. Learn more about these sweet, juicy, and crunchy grapes below.



All of these grapes are grown on Kings River Farm, which conducts annual soil health checks to ensure the proper air circulation for the best nutrient cycling in each batch. The soil's moisture is also monitored 24/7 throughout the year to ensure that each grape is held up to standard.




Lychee Flavor Grape


Known for their sweet and fragrant scent, these grapes are a must-try for all grape lovers, as the pulp is crisp, firm, full, and juicy.


These grapes are also seedless, making these the ideal grapes to share with the kids and elderly alike.





Smile Kyoho Grapes


Kyoho grapes have a beautifully rich and sweet flavor. They are deep purple, large in size and have high sugar content that tastes candy-like! Kyoho grapes are oblong and grow in clusters. Their skin is smooth, glossy, thick, and ranges from dark violet to black. We recommend removing the skin, along with the seeds, before consumption if you want to minimize having a bitter bite.



As one of the most popular varieties in Japan, Kyoho grapes are even given as luxury gifts for weddings, birthdays and other big celebrations. 





Super Crispy Grapes



Fresh, ultra-sweet grapes that literally taste like candy as its name suggests.

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, these healthy little green globes are your best bet!



Feel free to freeze these green babies up. They are perfect as a snack for any hot summer day.





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