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Noodles You'll Fall For, Instantly!

We bring to you the top-selling noodle recommendations you’ll fall for instantly~

From snail rice noodles to ready-to-eat beef noodle soup! 

Check out some of our customers' favorite instant noodles.

We have also listed out a couple more ways to elevate your ramen game! 


Top-Selling Chinese Snail Rice Noodle

If you've watched Chinese dramas or lived in the dorms in China, you'll definitely recognize this dish

Snails don't appear in the dish, but are used to flavor the broth.

Enjoy rice noodles bathed in a slow-simmering broth of snails.

It's packed with spiciness, sourness, and other intense flavors that will leave your tastebuds craving for more!


Spice It Up With Toppings


1. Bring your rice noodles to boil, run them through with cold water to retain the springiness, and set them aside

2. Boil water in a different pot with 400-600ml of water then add the soup packets along with the noodles 

3. Add toppings of your choice like ðŸ¥š or other veggies to complete this dish! 



Top-Selling Chinese Beef Noodles

Beef noodle has been a staple for those who grew up in China.They are well known for their broth with a sense of refinement.


Other Instant Favorites to Try!