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Imports from Japan!


Every week, we have NEW imports from Japan, and this week's goodies are particularly fresh & exciting!

Are you ready to explore what delicious food we have in stock?

We also have household essentials prepared just for YOU

(and it'd be nice to grab a few goodies for your loved ones this Thanksgiving, too!)

Let's go!


Tarami Konnuaku Jelly

Made from sweet & juicy cantaloupe grown in Hokkaido 



Sapporo Ichiban Momosan Ramen

Delicious, healthy, and flavorful non-fried ramen noodles that cook in just 3 minutes



Amaebi Sweet Shrimp

Sweet & juicy shrimp that's perfect for the classic o'sushi



Zojirushi Umami Micon Rice Cooker

Smart rice cooker w/ over 13 settings to ensure you get the rice (and meal) you want



Kiki's Delivery Service Lunch Bag

A must-have for work, school, and go-anywhere snacking

Designed with a secure zipper so you can slip it in your bag or backpack without worrying food will spill out



Daiwa Japan Shogun Massage Gun

Get a deep tissue percussion massage in the comfort of your own home




Iwatani Japan Seared Grill Plate

Designed to drain fat and grease, this grill makes it exceptionally easy to enjoy healthy dishes at home or when on the go



Kyocera Knife Gift Box

An all-purpose knife for everyday slicing, dicing and mincing

These ultra-sharp, advanced ceramic blades will maintain their edge up to 10x longer than steel blades




Hokuriku Senlencast Frying Pan

Bring this nonstick, easy-to-clean frying pan home!

Watch this video to find out more




Midori Japan Stationery Kit

The world's smallest boxed stationery set: compact and practical, and can also be given as a small gift to your family and friends!