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Top Selling Lululun❤️Find Your "Mask Right"


Weather is dryer in winter

Skin may start to peel

Get skin moisturized is super important

A beauty mask can help your skin to get hydrated immediately💦



LuLuLun is super popular and well-known in Japan

It is the No. 1 selling champion mask for three consecutive years👑



Lululun continues to launch new products with different functions and designs

Multiple product lines allow you to choose "Mask Right" that is suitable for your skin

The Lululun mask is refreshing and comfortable to apply

The price is also approachable, suitable for daily skin care routine



Let the rich beauty mask essence penetrates into every corner of the skin

Fully nourish the skin, quickly and effectively replenish moisture

The perfect skin will come back in minutes~



👸One Night Rescue



Contains over 35ml beauty essence

Soothe the skin after a day of fatigue

The skin still remains moisturized and elastic the next day

Be shine on every of your debut


👸Weekly Care



Over 45 Iris Blue Mask

Effectively cope with the dullness and sagging caused by skin aging

Reproduce skin elasticity and translucency

Age is no longer a problem



Classic Mask

Pink Balance Face Mask

LuLuLun with well-fitting sheet masks & beauty essences approaches skin concerns and keeps your skin looking healthy 

It keeps your skin moisturized and makes it smooth and naturally beautiful


Blue Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask 

Quench extremely dry skin for a long period of time with 3 steps: hydrate, hold and keep the moisture inside of the skin

Set your skin's moisture meter to the max with a daily mask routine!


Lighting White Face Mask

Boosts dull and lackluster the skin before those signs appearances, and leaves your complexion positively glowing

It's specifically designed and formulated for daily use


Tightening Green Face Mask

A luxurious daily treatment developed in Japan to deliver aging care benefits with selected ingredients

A sheet mask that covers all aging concerns aiming for a youthful look


Precious Brightening Face Mask

Brightens and lifts up mature skin

A luxurious daily treatment developed in Japan to deliver aging care benefits while evening out skin tone for long-term results


👸Monthly Mask


A box with 36 masks

Satisfy your monthly skin care need