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Premium Donut Peach Gift Pack❤️Super Sweet & Juicy!


This summer's first batch of fresh donut peaches - "Kings River Donut Peach Gift Pack" is here! 

The baby pink color, delightful fragrance, and adorable shapes are the charms of these donut peaches.

These are surely going to satisfy your cravings for some juicy and refreshing fruits to fight the heat! 



They are almost like mini strawberry-glazed donuts, enticing you to give them a bite <3

They are also super-rich in nutrients that help with improving our eyesight and skin texture!


Did you know? Every year, buyers in Taiwan put in lots of effort and spending to ensure they receive their packages from the US. 



Origin of These Peaches

The Yixin Garden is located in Fresno, California.

The whole garden is over 400 acres and grows over 20 varieties of peaches. 

The best harvest time ranges from the end of May to mid-October.   



The farm utilizes advanced agriculture technology from Taiwan that is combined with the natural environment in the US. 

❌Chemical fertilizers were used during the process 

✅ Annual checkups on soil health 

✅ All peach trees were watered with all-natural sources such as snow water, milk, probiotics, brown sugar, seaweed, calcium, and some iron 

These high-quality donut peaches surely did benefit from the way they were grown! 



While pruning the trees, only a few peaches are left unintended on the branches.

This helps guarantee all peaches can get undivided nourishments from the sunlight.

From harvesting to packaging, everything was manually taken care of to make sure the quality of each donut peach delivered to our hands is in its best condition!



If you prefer a softer peach, let it sit for a few days to fully ripen~

Another thing so special about these peaches is their micro-sized seed! 

Ripping their velvet-thin skins apart to reveal the white part is the best sight you can ask for (: 



Unlike other family-sized gift boxes in the market with 18 peaches, Yixin Garden's donut peach box comes with 16 of them.

With every single of them carefully chosen and handpicked from the farm.

They are also larger, and always recognized for their premium quality.👍



There is also a smaller gift box size available that comes with 8 donut peaches, making them super ideal to gift smaller size families 👇👇



Peaches' sweetness levels can generally go as high as about 11 or 12 degrees.

Breaking the record, Yixin Garden's donut peaches reach 16 to 20 degrees when they are harvested and go beyond 20 degrees at room temperature! (*Avg sweetness level for one sugar cane is about 20 degrees)




Pro Tips:

*Please consume fresh peaches as soon as possible once you receive them.

*Avoid sunlight and place them in the shade while waiting for them to fully ripen.

*Refrigerate them for a longer storage time if necessary.