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Lunar New Year for Filipinos!

Filipinos in Manila usually go to Binondo, one of the oldest Chinatown in the world, and enjoy the festivities like watching Dragon Dances and fireworks. It’s a festival that brings families together!


Chinoys or “Chinese-Pinoys” have grown to love some superstitions from their elders, and a lot of them are tied with food like eating round food, long noodles, and sticky food! We also love reading on horoscopes or Zodiac signs and try to integrate the lucky numbers, colors, and days in our daily routine.


Shop your lucky fruits, whole fish, dumplings, and fresh ingredients to cook LumpiaPancit, and Tikoy! Get everything for a prosperous Lunar New Year feast ✨

Lunar New Year Must-Haves


Lumpiang Shanghai

The origin of this crispy fried Lumpia comes from the Chinese’s Popiah which is actually a fresh spring roll. Over time its authentic Chinese flavor started to evolve and is now catered more to the Filipino taste buds.


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Tikoy (Rice Cake)

Tikoy is the most popular treat for Filipinos, as iconic as nian gao in other countries. It is made from glutinous rice which is mixed with lard, water, and sugar. We believe that eating sticky food strengthens family bonds, like “sticking” with each other.

Follow this easy recipe to make homemade Tikoy!



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A Whole Fish

The common dish enjoyed for dinner is a whole fish which symbolizes surplus and fortune. The fish is usually steamed or braised, and served as a whole, complete with the head.


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Pancit Canton (Long Noodles)

A superstition not just for the Lunar New Year, but for any occasion! Long noodles represent long life and good health so remember not to cut the long noodles as to not defeat their purpose. Pancit Canton is a type of tossed noodles prepared using a variety of ingredients, which makes it look festive.

(Photo by Panlasang Pinoy)



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Lucky Fruits

The most popular fruit during Lunar New Year is mandarin oranges or tangerines because of their round shapes and golden color. Fun fact: oranges were not widely grown in the Philippines in the early time and were only imported in recent decades, so Chinoys would substitute them with pomelo.

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Filipinos love dumplings, especially Siomai! It symbolizes wealth, fortune, prosperity with luck being inside them. They also are shaped like gold inglots or gold bars in ancient China.

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