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Daily stock up favorite eel!
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The two ate just fine. Bake for 18 minutes, for reference.
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Unagi Kabayaki Charcoal Grilled Eel for outside restaurant quality unagi donburi at home. While rice is cooking, bake Unagi Kabayaki in 350° oven for 12 minutes.
I just discovered this item! Everything on this table (except the topping cream cheese) was delivered and ordered from Wee. And this is my first time ever making nigiri/Japanese. It comes with cooking directions, but I followed a YouTube and rinsed off the original sauce, pad dry, cut in half, then cut into pieces and boil the eel with skin up for 9min for slightly crispy skin, then make the sauce separate (equal parts 200ml: sake, mari, soy sauce, sugar. Boil, then simmer for 40min until sauce thicken). On my favorite list now.
It's a good buy when it's on sale
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Tasty and easy to prepare. Pretty good size and quite meaty. Will order again.
share. There are a whole bunch of them. Bought this for the first time. Give it a try.
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It has been a long time since I ate eel last time. I guess it is not higher quality by any means as the package goes for less than $10 in Japanese supermarkets, but it is good enough to eat in the U.S. for this price!
It's very big, the meat is thick, it's very good
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Good ingredients for eel rice, like bought from outside!
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I made eel rice, which is more than Japanese food stores! The taste is very good. Just heat it up in the air fryer
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The eel is delicious, almost no bones can be eaten. The size is also quite big. Will repurchase.
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Han phan
Repurchased second time. It’s delicious and easy to cook
The taste is very good, and it is very convenient to heat, and it is just right for two people to eat
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I like it. Excellent quality. I can not wait to buy again. Great purchase today.
It's very simple and convenient. It's delicious to fry in a non-stick pan and add some seaweed with rice.
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Stock up on specials for eel rice or as toppings for hand-rolled sushi👍🏻
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Really yummy! I made an eel bowl with avocado and seaweed over rice and it was delicious!
There is basically no juice, it is definitely not good to pour it on rice, it is a bit dry to eat alone...
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Will anyone still eat eel rice out? ? no, no, no
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