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Received a total of 4 melons, so delicious! The taste of childhood, on the #Weee! must-buy list
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Sweet! Delicious to explode 🤤
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Whether it is from Taiwan or the mainland, we eat this kind of small melon in our hometown. It is the first time to eat it in the United States in six years, and it is so delicious that the children will eat it up quickly 😊 Highly recommended👍
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Two servings, 1767 grams, are still quite sweet.
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Very fragrant and sweet. A bit expensive since there were only 3. Would recommend.
Finally the cantaloupe season! Very sweet cantaloupe ~ very big ~ one can eat two people!
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A total of 6, cut two, very crunchy, not sweet at all, I guess the raw sweet potato is better, and the outside looks rotten, like the end of the goods for a long time,
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The counterfeit Taiwanese cantaloupe is very small. I received a set of six. One of them is a bit rotten at first glance. The other appearance is not too fresh but it feels hard to the touch. It is rotten inside. This is not Taiwanese cantaloupe. The skin of Taiwan cantaloupe is very bad. Thin can be eaten without peeling. This super thick skin is definitely not a Taiwanese melon. It’s really disappointing.
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These melons smelled so fragrant and tasted so sweet! Loved by the whole family ❤️ Highly recommended and will repurchase.
There are four melons in total, and they smell very fragrant
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It was too ripe when I received it, but it was sweet and delicious.
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The melons eaten in China are very fragrant and sweet. Soft, recommended.
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I bought it twice before and it was quite fresh. This time half of the purchased is broken, and I am too lazy to sell it afterwards. I can only eat it after cutting off a small half.
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There are six in total, small in size, rich in moisture and sweet.
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It feels better than Korean cantaloupe. This time I bought it very well, so I have to eat it quickly
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Cantaloupe is super delicious, the taste of domestic cantaloupe
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Aaliyah Li
There are three in total, two small and one large. They smell very fragrant. The small ones are crunchy, but a bit raw and not sweet. In general, the larger ones are not crispy, but sweet and delicious.
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Reminds me of childhood fruit! It’s not very sweet though!
Bought these out of curiosity. These are Sakata Sweet melons and are also known as Korean melon, or Japanese Heirloom melon. These melons will be ready to eat when they turn yellow greenish (more on the yellow side) and feel a little soft when squeezed. They taste (and smell) a little like super sweet honeydew and are crispy. The skin is very thin so you can eat the skin instead of peeling it off. I forgot to take a picture of the inside, but it looks like a small honeydew. They are small, so it’s perfect if you can’t finish a whole melon yourself. 😊
The fruit is crushed, I hope to wrap it in a film like a cantaloupe 😫
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