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The black pepper crab cup noodles are slightly spicy, very fragrant and peppery. A good choice for breakfast and supper
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The flavor is strong and slightly spicy.
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A little smaller in size than the cup noodle you get in the stores here and the noodles are thinner. Definitely a taste of pepper but only enough to warm you.
Super spicy and very peppery! I don't think I will order these again. Noodle texture is good though!
Too hot for my liking! My nose is dripping and my mouth hurts!
Okay, the black pepper smell is not too strong
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Ling Yip
Must repurchase highly recommended. Keep at home

Made in Hong Kong
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This 【Flavour】Black Pepper Crab Noodle is one of the most outstanding cup noodles I have ever tasted. The pepper taste is moderate, not too choking, just the right kind. Not too thirsty after eating. The price is reasonable and will repurchase. Thanks Wee for carrying this cup noodle. 👍🌺👏👏
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Y Huang
The pepper is so spicy, the tongue is still numb after eating. tasty. Nissin Cup Noodles that completely surpass the United States
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Purchased all year round, I like this and Tom Yum Goong the most
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