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The taste and crispness of the fries are as good as ever👍 tomato sauce 🍅 is also very good, but unfortunately I don’t like it 💔
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These look like real fries and taste quite similar to real fries with ketchup. I wish the ketchup flavor was a little bit stronger, but it’s still a pretty good snack. There were 3 small packs in 1 box.
The taste of tomatoes was rich and delicious, which was quite different from the original taste.
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Delicious, don't step on thunder, small packaging, very suitable box to lose weight and reward yourself.
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The taste is good, sweet and less sour, the fries are hard and crispy, the special price will repurchase
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Haven't tried the Caleb fries in this package, try it.
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Emily Huang
It tastes like fries dipped in ketchup, except that the fries are very crispy~ delicious! 😋
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Children like it, 3 sachets are suitable for school snacks
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Very expensive for 3 snack size bags. Taste is good but too small
Weiming Xu
I bought the original flavor a few times before, but I didn't expect the tomato flavor on Weee. I immediately bought a box when I saw the discount, hoping it would be delicious.
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Not bad but not good. I like the flavor of the seasoning but I don’t like the chip part.
Ketchup potatoes chips taste very special and yummy. I highly recommend.
Sophia k
The original taste is better
This is the taste of tomato sauce
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The product that I've always repurchased is delicious
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There are three sachets, crunchy but the tomato flavor is not strong enough
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It's my first time eating this taste, and it was pretty good.