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It's really numb, spicy and authentic, I suddenly want to eat "junk food" to release it, the experience is good👍
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This is spicy strips, spicy enough!
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Childhood favorite! It is very fragrant and has the right level of sweetness and spiciness. I am obviously a person who does not like the "numbness" in spicy food, but this one still makes me very addicted to eat it haha, I even think it tastes better than Weilong spicy strips (although it is better than Weilong spicy strips). Weilong is much spicy), repurchased a lot of bags
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Ne 宝 最可爱
Very spicy and numb, people who like spicy food
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Very good taste very good spicy but not sweet
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It's really spicy, and it's really delicious. If you haven't eaten it for a long time, you will miss this taste.
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This is the taste of hot chicken tendons when I was a child! ! ! Touch the same! ! buy it!
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It's so delicious, it's the first time I bought it, it's much better than Weilong, spicy and fragrant! The taste is also good. Sichuanese say they have a good appetite
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Repurchased many times! The best spicy strips I've eaten in the US so far
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10 times better than Weilong
Finally, it has the taste of domestic spicy strips. Not sweet at all.
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Super super super delicious! No weird sweetness, just spicy! It has the taste of spicy strips as a child! Strong push! ! ! Kneeling and begging Weee to buy more goods, don't run out of stock~!
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Super delicious! What a surprise!
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It's unexpectedly delicious😋 Although I know that these foods should be classified as spam food, I am still a little moved by the description of my products on the packaging. 👉🏻 plate it
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It's the taste of old spicy strips. It's not as sweet as Weilong, but it will taste a lot better, but it is really spicy and spicy. Sisters who can eat spicy food do not recommend trying lol
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Very oily and spicy
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