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Lin Linda
It may not be in season, the persimmon is a bit small and soft, not easy to peel, but sweet
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Very sweet! good to eat! Moderate soft and hard
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It’s so happy to have persimmons now
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Not sweet at all, just crispy!
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How to say it, the taste is like eating sun-dried radish, hard but soft, neither crisp nor sweet, without any persimmon taste. If you eat with your eyes closed, it's really like chewing carrots. Therefore, the fruit is best in season. A lot of seeds.
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It’s big~ It’s a bit dark... the special price makes sense😜
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Melissa Yeap | 美云
It’s ok. Not very fresh.
Is it crispy and sweet? If it’s soft, it’s not sweet at all, it’s like soaking
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Very sweet! Some came ripe so I can eat right away.
It was the first time I ate Chilean varieties of persimmons, and I found them ordinary, but they were still delicious in Korea.
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bad quality from chill damage
Already soft, suitable for sucking and eating😋
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Connie Poon
The appearance is really not so beautiful, with a lot of black spots. And the hand doesn't feel good. It turned out to be pleasantly surprised after being cut, very sweet.
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It took three weeks to finally become a little bit more familiar, and it's quite sweet and crunchy
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When the persimmons arrived, one of them was already ripe and soft. Eat immediately. There is no sweetness and no persimmon smell.
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It tastes good, but it has a big core
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It is not crispy, not sweet, the skin is very hard, and there is no fruity aroma. Will not repurchase
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It will be dark within a week, and it's not sweet, not sweet at all
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One serving is four, two are light yellow in color, and two are reddish. I tried one light yellow, no taste, crisp, not sweet at all, it feels like chewing a tasteless melon.
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Not big nor beautiful, hope it tastes good
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