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It’s convenient to eat for sure. The texture of the porridge was decent but the flavor tasted just too “instant”. But what else I could expect from an instant porridge, right? Still probably repurchase since it’s so convenient.
Buying these from Weee! last month was my first experience trying porridge. I've seen it eaten many times on all my favorite Asian dramas, especially when a character was not feeling good. So I had to purchase several packets to see how they taste.
They taste so good. They are very yummy. This is chicken flavor,but I added some chicken fajita meat, which made it even more delicious. 🤤😋

The instructions to make this instant meal are easy to follow. The package next to the bowl is my last one and I need to order more. I hope there will be other flavors and also plan porridge so I can add dried fruit for breakfast when I don't want meat with porridge for breakfast. I'm eating this bowl of porridge this early morning because my severe allergies are causing my stomach to feel queasy (to not get too graphic). I have had a bowl before when I was queasy(nausea) and eating that first bowl eased my stomach,just the food was used like in the dramas...but this is just what I experienced. 10/10
It's good and easy.
The taste is good, not amazing or special, but very homely and good taste. It's very convenient, just brew it directly like instant noodles, home-cooked fast food for lazy people
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I found it before but didn't until now i find it on weee. Thank you. I like it.
Super gelatinous and was so yummy for breakfast. I can't find congee anywhere here and glad it's cheap and tasty. I would recommend adding more items like veggies or protein because the flavor was really light. Enjoyable but not super favorable.