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Not too spicy ~ crispy and delicious
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It's a good cracker though not spicy
Faye Bai
Expiry date is Dec 2022 yay
Rice crackers
Thank you Weee, packaging, delivery, not one piece was crushed. It is spicy, but not spicy. Children's favorite.
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🌸 Mika 🌸
Never had these before bought them because of sale! They're pretty delicious. Super crunchy and has more sweetness with the glaze ontop. (Sorry! No photo of individual product.)
Slightly spicy and crispy somehow without the original flavor. Many bags are broken.
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Jacqueline Xu Hegranes
I bought it wrong this time, it's spicy, only I ate it
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It's delicious, adults and children can't stop eating
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It’s snow cakes but it feels like it’s been left for a long time
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Wangwang Daxue Cake is not fried at four o'clock in the afternoon. I am just hungry and eat two pieces as a snack.
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Personally prefer the original taste.
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Faye Bai
Love this taste, the spice level is spot on
Love these so so much! I had these when I was younger and never forgot the taste. So glad I can find a place to purchase this. Will repurchase again ! Thank you.
Angel Wong
This snow cake is not spicy at all, it tastes like soy sauce—a little bit. A snack that I often ate when I was young.
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Is it spicy? It’s just a little bit spicy. A pack of calories is low. It’s easy to control when you want to eat a little snack
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Eat a feeling, the taste is average, the flavor is strong
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The spiciness of Wangwang Daxue Biscuit is only a little bit spicy, so you can hardly feel the spicy taste! It tastes almost the same as the original Daxuebing, with a sweet soy sauce flavor. The shelf life received is until the end of August this year, and the crispness seems to be a little bit worse, so you should eat it as soon as possible during the shelf life!
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There is no spicy taste, only sweet taste, this one is not original and delicious, not recommended
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There is no spiciness at all, I almost suspected that the wrong product
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