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It's very simple to boil it with hot water until it rolls over the ice, and there is a QQ soft and tender fairy grass jelly, which is softer and more delicious than canned food. I'm ready to order more in stock.
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A little sweet, probably because I boiled too long
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It can be done easily by following the directions on the package👍It has a little sweetness on its own, which is very convenient!
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The reviews are very good, I bought three bags
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Haven't used it yet, it should be fairly easy to operate
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James Wang
The resulting fairy grass is more elastic, and the fairy grass has a strong flavor. .
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The fairy grass made from fairy grass powder, I hope it tastes good.
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The first time I made it was too successful ➕ on the sweet potato balls, it was absolutely amazing
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Very good. Not bitter at all
The taste is not bad, the operation is simple, and it is already sweet
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Great for summer days
Stunning! The instructions are clear and easy to make. Looking at the drying list, it said that adding a little more water will make it more tender, so I added about 100cc, and it was smooth. I added homemade red bean soup and taro balls, pretending to be fresh taro fairy.
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Convenient, fast and tender! No added sugar, and a sweet, light fairy grass flavor.

It can be eaten as burning fairy grass, or used as jelly after solidification (made a cup of red bean, jelly, honey matcha, drink it well).

In stock, will buy again.
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Kori Kuma
Use it to make fairy grass smoothie with honey taro and honey red beans, fresh taro fairy is 90% similar~
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It’s really easy to make. It tastes fine but my favorite. If you mix with drinks or something else should be okay just don’t eat it alone.
Do it for the first time. It was a success and it was delicious
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The taste is sweeter, but acceptable.
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I made the roasted fairy grass taro balls, my friends like it very much, the taste is not too sweet, suitable for Asian tastes
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I am new to this and can’t read chinese direction. Can anyone help on this? I don’t know if I should boil the water and then add the pckage in the boiling pot or just boil hot water and pour in regular bowl and stir it. Also is it 270ml of water or how much? Please help… I love grass jelly
This brand is very soft. Not my favorite. It also produce a lot of bubble which the other brand didn't do that at all. The worst part is there is no english instruction. Only Chinese which i can't read. Will not buy again.