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I was excited to have found this brand of Rice Noodles recommended on Made with Lau youtube channel. But to my disappointment, these were way too fine for my taste. Whether it was used in Soup, (which were so dense, even when cut, you can choke on them with a mouth full) or simply Stir Fried with meat and vegetables, (dry and same choking factor). I have regretted these purchase (bought 2) immensely.
A good choice for changing the flavor of the staple food, stir-fry Taiwanese-style fried rice noodles with shredded carrots, shredded pork, shredded green onions, shredded mushrooms and other ingredients, or use spicy curry to make Southeast Asian-style fried rice.
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The rice noodles are very fine and have no strange taste. You can make them after soaking in warm water for a while. The fried rice noodles made today are delicious 😋
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This rice noodle is very good, the thickness is just right, I will repurchase regularly
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The first time I fried rice noodles, there was no cabbage and no carrots, and my husband was paying for it
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Melissa Yeap | 美云
Good and not easily break off.
One of the unlimited repurchase products, delicious
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This is the first time I bought this brand of rice noodles, I hope it tastes good.
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Very strong rice noodles. First time buying this brand. I bought the Tiger brand before and it broke after frying. This is very powerful!
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Used to make fried noodles, one pack can eat four people
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I used to buy Tiger brand Hsinchu rice noodles, but this time I took advantage of the special price to try this brand.
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When you are tired of eating noodles, come to make fried rice noodles, add fried shrimp, pork shreds, mushrooms, vegetables, radishes, eggs, delicious!
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Kelly 2
Repurchased many times, easy to cook, convenient
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Can't wait to make pancit or Singapore seafood noodles!🤤😋
This brand of rice noodles is very fine, just scald it in boiling water for a minute, push 👍
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It's delicious fried with this rice noodle.
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Tsia̍h-pn̄g hông-tè tuā
This package is fine rice noodles, very suitable for fried rice noodles, delicious 😋
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Delicious one, will continue to repurchase after discount.
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The first time I bought Hsinchu rice noodles by myself, it was a bit hard to chew
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This rice noodle is good, it will not be too soft after cooking
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