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Connie 康妮
This old hen stew is very umami 😋
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Really cheap and affordable for making chicken soup!
Chicken is good, white soup before adding
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Braised chicken... You can eat it for two days at a time, so this is the only way to save time, I hope it works!
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Y Huang
This stew is so much better than the other. There is meat to eat, not firewood. The soup color is also good, the chicken skin is yellow
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The chicken is not very big, but it is enough for a meal for two.
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The best chicken for making soup 🐔
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What a big one, it is economical to cook soup and porridge!
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I believe this is a thousand-year-old chicken. I don't know how long it has been hidden in the snow. The meat is very tough. It is very difficult to bite the chicken out.
It tasted like a rubber band, wasting my firewood and scheming.
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Ready to stew chicken soup, I have read the list and said it is good
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This little hen bought the stew several times. It has the taste of hen, which is even better than the chicken that costs more than ten yuan. Keep buying.
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I made some pepper soup with this hen and it was absolutely delicious!!! Can’t wait to order some more things from here.
Nice, have repurchased many times!!
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A whole chicken, looks good
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It is best to make soup with old hens, it will be very umami!
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The meat is relatively firm, and it is very delicious for stewing soup!
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The little hens are handled very cleanly, and the chicken soup stewed with Codonopsis and red dates is delicious👍 A must buy every time!
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1 and a half pound of young hens are very clean, not too old, and they are cooked just right for one meal
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This chicken has almost no oil, although it is not big, fresh, the meat is a bit woody, and it is not bad to cook it in an instant pot.
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MaryAnn Liu
It's really quite small, smaller than the other breed.
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