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Very good. You can add vegetables or sesame sauce by yourself. Wide powder is very q.
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The taste of sesame sauce is particularly delicious. I added cucumber and minced garlic myself.
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The powder of this brand is cooked in very small amount. Two packets are one packet of Xiaolongkan, and they are not strong. The taste of the sauce is similar.
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Delicious but the portion is small
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I added a spoonful of peanut butter, a spoonful of hot sauce and chopped green onion, it was delicious.
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The taste is ok, not amazing
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The wide powder is elastic, the seasoning is spicy, and the overall feeling is good.
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Convenient and delicious, love it, will repurchase
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The wide flour is soft and glutinous but chewy and resistant to cooking, and the seasoning is also good, although I did not add chili oil. It's just that the sesame sauce is a bit difficult to mix.
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ʚ 葩奇奇° ɞ 
Repurchased for the second time, you can try it when you don't know what to eat
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Delicious! ! ! The sesame sauce is delicious and not too spicy
The powder is also super q bomb
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Linh Nguyen
Its ok. Spicy, the noodle is chewy. I have to google how to make it myself because there is no english direction on the package
Finally waited until the replenishment, it was delicious
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Lαrrγ ?Mǐn
It's so delicious, I bought it last time and it's delicious, this time I will repurchase two packs 🥰
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Delicious and convenient, often repurchase
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Delicious, not spicy at all, a little sesame fragrance, the powder is chewy
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The noodles are great, smooth and 'QQ' !
The noodles are very Q. but not spicy. Specials will repurchase.
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Feels like eating street food, with flavor, love it!
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The taste is average, will not buy it again
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