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not bad ….good try…soft n i can taste there s little bit of ovaltine flavor
this is a very pretty cake, looks too neat to be real, like out of some cartoon
This is the first time to buy this cake, read the comments are good, try it early
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I like this~ The Ovaltine flavor is not very strong, but the whole thing is delicious 😋
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mandy L
It tastes okay, but nothing special!
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It tastes great! It's not big, but it has a moist and soft taste. I will repurchase! !
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I have been out of stock and asked several times before, and finally I accidentally saw the arrival of the goods.
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Pretty good cake roll. Soft, moist, slightly sweet with a hint of butter. Very decent cake roll. I ♥️ it.
It's so delicious. It has a super full taste. This is a popular cake in China. I didn't expect to buy it at Weee. My child loves it very much. Breakfast and afternoon tea are essential.
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It's a bit sweet, I should repurchase the tiger skin cake next time
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The cake tastes good, not too sweet, but it has no Ovaltine flavor at all 🙃
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Shirley Yu好康媽
I thought of taking pictures after eating, ha!
A slice of cake with a thick texture, not too sweet, good for afternoon tea snacks!
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?Lillian ✨✨
The taste is solid, there is no particularly fragrant Ovaltine taste, see the comments and buy it and try it, it is so-so
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