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Very convenient, tastes good, fast breakfast
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Croissants can be eaten every day, and quicksand is my favorite. When croissants are served with quicksand fillings, it is irresistible.
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Very tasty! The bread was so soft, not the same as American grocery stores croissants.
This quicksand croissant tastes okay
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Sandra Chen
Easy to bake and eat. Crispy outside and filling inside. good to eat
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The quicksand stuffing tastes good, will repurchase after discount
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Kate Hu
It's good, but it's empty in the middle. It is recommended to defrost for 30 minutes, and then air fry it at 400 degrees for 6 minutes.
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🥐 Very fragrant, a bit more on the sweet side. Great for afternoon snack with a cup of milk or coffee ☕️.
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, a little sweet, delicious
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The oven is very crispy for 6 minutes, the egg yolk inside is salty and sweet
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Looking forward to trying it, hope it's really quicksand
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A pack of six, not too big, a little expensive, the filling is still ice after heating, it should be thawed first before heating, it should be better.
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It's really quicksand! ! ! ! repo
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Angel Wong
Small croissants with a salted egg yolk flavour are delicious but a little more would be better.
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delicious …just warm little in oven n also taste n see the egg yolk inside ….yummy 😋
It's very delicious, it's delicious on ice and hot, and my son has finished eating it before taking pictures of the inside of the bread 🤣
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The taste is good, although the core is cold after baking at 190C for three minutes, but it tastes like frozen butter, it is worth a try
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For special ingredients, don't follow the instructions, they will be cooked. I only use the oven to warm up, no need to bake at high temperature, and it takes ten minutes. I thought it was a dozen, but six came.
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The salty and sweet taste is just right, and it is air-fried for a few minutes. It is delicious, but it is a bit expensive.
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You can eat it in an air fryer for four minutes. It's surprisingly delicious and tastes good, but it's a little less expensive.
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