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Not bad, kinda fleshy - I think I prefer plums/plumcots
Not bad, very delicious, very sweet, it should be softer and sweeter after a few days
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This is the first time I bought this sweet apricot. After a few days, it was juicy and sweet, with a little peach aroma.
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The first time I ate sweet apricots of this color, I was pleasantly surprised, very sweet and fresh!
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It looks a bit raw, but it tastes very sweet, with a little sourness, no surprises 😆
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There are about a dozen in a box, they look green and yellow, and they are not big, but I tried one and it was actually very sweet. I used to be able to buy them in the nearby foreign supermarkets, but I really didn’t see them this year. It’s okay Weee has it, so nice! This white apricot season is short!
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