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Not too sweet, the cake body is not too soft, firm and delicious
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Baby Shark Family
The coffee smell is very strong, not too sweet, there is coffee custard in the middle, very special
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Smaller than expected, but made with fresh milk from Hokkaido, it looks delicious
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Quite good. Will buy if on sale.
Delicious is really delicious, expensive is also really expensive.
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The packaging is exquisite, the taste is also very good, the faint coffee fragrance, the part of the jelly is not sweet and greasy, and I will buy it again when there is a special price.
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It tastes like coffee without being too sweet
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Very delicious! 😋 Got it on sale for $11 and never looked back. I really like the small pudding/jelly cube in the middle. The flavor and sweetness is just right. Will repurchase when it goes on sale.
It's just a little small 🍰 Really delicious 😋 Will repurchase again
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The portion is small, can be cut into 4-5 servings. I bought it at a discount of $11.99. It's delicious, I'm very grateful to Weee when I don't go out to eat the jelly rolls. Worth repurchase.
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It's delicious. The taste is lighter and more natural. I have bought earl grey tea and coffee, and if I like coffee, I will try tiger skin next time.
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My friends all said it was delicious, and after I opened it, I immediately tasted it before I remembered to take a picture. This coffee latte jelly roll is so delicious, not too sweet, the coffee has a strong taste, and the cream part tastes like ice cream. My family said that except for a little expensive, there is nothing wrong with it.
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Super delicious coffee taste is strong but a little expensive
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Really small! Really small! Really small! Although I have seen some psychological preparations in the comments, I am still dumbfounded when I see the real product! (A box is about the size of a boy's palm...)
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Very tasty! Must repurchase! Eat all three flavors!
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The cake is very delicate, super delicious, not sweet, adults and children like it, love it, the only disadvantage is that it is a little expensive
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The panna cotta part is rich and delicious! I will buy it again 😍
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The taste is not bad. The cream is very fragrant and not particularly sweet. The coffee jelly in the middle is bitter but the taste is very strong. The quality taste is slightly more expensive than the price.
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Jason Y
The taste is smooth, not too sweet, not bad
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I really look forward to this jelly roll. It was popular in Taiwan many years ago, and I am really happy to eat it here! In addition to being delicious, we should also praise its packaging, which is simple and ingenious, not overly packaged, and worth repurchasing.
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