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I have repurchased many times, but the price is a bit expensive, not much special
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Kate Hu
I have never eaten such a large portion of instant noodles. Usually, a packet of instant noodles is a bit insufficient, but this one is very satisfying.
Its noodles are actually not like udon noodles, they are thicker noodles, but they are very Q, the soup is also very good, and the noodles are delicious. I will definitely repurchase.
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Connie 康妮
This kind of noodles has a delicious taste of QQ 😋😋
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First time purchasing, broth is tasty and rich, noodles are chewy
Very tasty. The noodles are not thick but strong
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Angel Wong
The udon noodles with the taste of tonkotsu, the taste is good, udon is the bite of young udon. Special offer to buy again.
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The noodles are not as thick as real udon noodles, thicker than normal instant noodles, but they are chewy and taste more like fresh noodles than fried noodles, which is still good.
This noodle is boiled noodle not instant noodle
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good taste, recommended
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