Weee! Asian Grocery Delivery
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Received nine mangoes, they look good
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There are eight in a box, one of them is already ripe when it comes, not very sweet
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I received 9 large mangoes, which were too hard to eat. It is estimated that I have to wait a week
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I thought it would be sour, but I didn't expect it to be sweet. good to eat!
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I bought it 3 times, this time it was perfect, none of it was broken, it was hard. Would buy again
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I remembered the last one, it’s really delicious, I bought it back again
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Although this mango has many roots, which is very different from champagne mango, it is sweet and juicy and tastes different.
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A box come with 10 pcs of Mango, all looks fresh and smell so good. It shall be almost ready to eat. Can’t wait!
??Emily Ruan??
Good size and moderate sweetness will repurchase
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Taste pretty sweet and good once it is ripe.
This time the mangoes are big and very sweet.
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A box of 9 is quite big, satisfying!
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The mango I received was thinner. There are 12 in a box. It's hard. The taste is sweet and sour.
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These were big and hard but they have a lot of brown fibers in the flesh. Best to eat with shrimp paste or soy sauce until they become sweeter (I hope). I would not buy this again.
The sweet, savory, smooth red mango flesh is made of mango halberd, and the taste is first-rate.
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Eight large mangoes, red and green. Still very hard.
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Big and super sweet! A bit fibrous, but they are delicious nonetheless! Great to eat on its own or to make Mango sticky rice!
10 organic mangos, mostly ripe and sweet, good value.
I left it open for five days and was stunned. I have never seen such a raw mango, which is as hard as a tree trunk... Is this to be eaten until the year of the monkey?
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✨ YS✨
Seven in a box, let it mature for a few days, hope it's delicious
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