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Repurchase again. The price is more favorable than Costco, and the quality is the same. It feels like the same product.
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Very good fish fillets and good prices.
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Juby Lin
All year round, at least one pack of this fish fillet is required in the refrigerator.
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Repurchased Kuaishou fish fillets many times
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This kind of fish fillet is great for making heavy flavor dishes
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Like that each fish fillets are individually pack, make defrosting easy. Taste great
Bought n times. This time I made vermicelli and fish fillet soup
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The quality and price are great. The one I received was not individually packaged, so I divided it up by myself
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One pack is already 5 individual packages vacuumed
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The boiled fish fillets are delicious, and most importantly, there are no fish bones
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Boiled fish and boiled beef praise!
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My sister has bought this brand before and she liked it so I decided to try it too and love it. Easy to make item.
Prepare to make pickled fish, hope it is delicious.
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艳阳天winnie Wen
Buy often, eat often without getting tired, suitable for children
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I made the boiled fish by myself, it doesn't have much fishy smell, it's ok.
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After steaming, I mixed a little vinegar, a little light soy sauce, nutritious and delicious, very recommended.
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MaryAnn Liu
This fish fillet is very good! There are 5 individual packages in a bag, which is very convenient! Essential for boiled fish and pickled fish! Have repurchased many times!
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Five pieces of individually packaged, pickled cabbage fish, grilled fish are all delicious. Repurchase
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I think my pickled fish fillets are more delicious to make sauerkraut fish. I only use two fish fillets in a pack to get so much.
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Buy it back again and again, add it to the soup, air-fried, dry-fried, and steamed fish are all delicious
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